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Retreats and Visits

From Ayahuasca to Yoga, Martial Arts to a Get Away in the Middle of Nowhere, we’ve got every option covered.


Find out more in the sections below:

Ayahuasca Retreats

A 4-day immersive ayahuasca retreat  designed to help you heal and raise your level of consciousness so that you can gain more clarity, find your purpose and live the life you dream of. This whole project is in partnership with Ayahuasca House.

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Yoga and Martial Arts

We'll be running all sorts of events at Yakumadre with our expert yoga and martial arts practitioner Jaime.


Visit Us

You don't have to be into any kind of practice to enjoy the beautiful surroundings. Come and stay with us on the land and we'll be delighted to have you.

And hey, if you have any specialist skills that you think could help us and you'd like to get involved, just let us know.

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