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Yacumadre Natural Reserve


To protect nature, create community and connect with life

Central Goals

- Create a self-sustaining community

- Protect and restore the water sources, rainforest and nature in the wider area

- Help people heal, find happiness and connect with themselves through natural medicines

- Provide great accommodation, tranquility and recreational activities for all who visit

- Sustainably grow and provide organic and healthy food

Yacumadre and Location

200 hectares of virgin rainforest and 100 hectares of farmland, with 20 water sources and a large river. Yacumadre stretches from the bottom of the valley, up to the top of the mountain.

Based near the village of Argelia, Antioquia, Colombia. To drive to the village of Argelia from the international airport in Medellin takes just over 3 hours. From there, you take a 45 minute drive in a 4X4 down a dirt track where you arrive at a point for a 1 hour trek or horse ride down to the community.

A Project in Partnership With:

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Meet The Team


Renato Simonelli


Sabina Simonelli

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Yacumadre Landscape
Swimming Pool
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